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1994 Nissan Skyline GTR

Just letting you know I have picked up the car and its great! Just one thing I wanted to ask was if you can find out whether or not there was an extra key with the vehicle. I have only got 1 key, which is just a normal one, I thought the GTR key would be something different. So I'm not sure whether that it just came with the one key or if it did come with the second its gone missing.

Otherwise everything seems nice, it just needs some good attention, but it looks really really nice.. And goes quiet well too.

Thanks for your help in purchasing this car.

- Shakiel R Melbourne, Australia 1994 Nissan Skyline GTR


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2013 TOYOTA RACTIS G WELLFARE At auction Thursday
  • 1,500cc
  • Automatic
  • 72,000 km
  • Condition/grade 3.5
2013 TOYOTA RACTIS G クルマイスシヨウシャ Type 1 At auction tomorrow
  • 1,500cc
  • Automatic
  • 48,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4
2013 TOYOTA RACTIS Gクルマイススロ-プ Type At auction today
  • 1,500cc
  • Automatic
  • 44,000 km
  • Condition/grade R
2013 TOYOTA RACTIS G クルマイスシヨウシャ Type 1 At auction Saturday
  • 1,500cc
  • Automatic
  • 26,000 km
  • Condition/grade 4.5
4 cars coming up at Auction