Toyota bB

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2004 Nissan Cima 450XV

Its been a while since receiving the car from compliance and would like to share a quick review of my import experience of my Nissan Cima.

Ben, thank you for making this experience an easy going and enjoyable process for me. I have always wanted to import a car from Japan, but have been hesitant when i thought of all the possibilities that could go wrong when importing. But your processes and knowledge on importing cars put my mind at ease. It was great that any questions i had were answered promptly and accurately.

2 months on from the car landing in SA and i'm still loving it. I have had no issues or bad surprises and its simply an amazing, good condition machine.

I am more than happy to recommend your service to anyone i know that's interested in importing a car.

- Matthew B South Australia 2004 Nissan Cima 450XV


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Pics and info for:

Toyota bB and Daihatsu Coo

The second generation Toyota bB and Daihatsu Coo are both essentially the same car, a compact aimed at the youth market. Designed to be stylish, accessible and with the driver's emotions in mind thanks to mood lighting and an emphasis on sound for the bB variant.

The bB and Coo had all of the features you'd expect from a modern compact car, importable models feature the 1.5L 3SZ-VE engine and 4 speed auto, which gets excellent fuel economy. Included as either standard or optional are:

  • ABS brakes
  • Stability control
  • Traction control
  • Electronic Brake Distribution
  • 6 airbags
  • Parking sensors
  • Power windows
  • Power steering
  • Power mirrors
  • Climate control
  • Split folding, reclining and sliding rear seat
  • Smart key
  • Optional blue lighting in the front grille

Where things get interesting are the sound and illumination options, particularly with the bB. The Coo features a 6 speaker sound system with glowing rings around the speakers, tweeters and cup holders. The bB in higher spec models takes the interior mood a step further with a 9 speaker sound system including subwoofer and horn style speakers on the C-pillars, plus 11 interior blue lights. The lighting can be set to "Static" mode, "Relax" mode where the lights pulse slowly, or "Club" mode which alters the interior lighting to be more energetic for faster music. The front tweeter rings stay constantly lit so as not to distract the driver. The lighting modes are adjusted via a blue glowing controller in between the front seats. Fitting further with the mood-based theme of the interior, the bB also features "Mattari-mode" which translates roughly to "laid-back", where the front seats not only recline back but also sink down by 80mm to create a more private and personal feeling within the car.

The bB and Coo are the same vehicle with only very slight differences between the two, being:

  • Only the bB came with 9 speaker sound system, centre console control and three illumination modes
  • Different colour and interior trim options
  • Different body kit and wheels (see comparison pics below)
  • The Coo had an optional Momo steering wheel


Only 1.5L variants of the following vehicles listed below can be imported, 1.3L versions cannot, and only up to March 2010 models are eligible.

As if there being 2 manufacturers both selling the same car isn't enough, there is actually a third! Subaru sells the same car again in Japan, calling it the DEX. Due to quirks in import regulations the Subaru DEX is not importable, even though the Toyota bB and Daihatsu Coo are. The Coo is sold as the Daihatsu Materia in other markets.


The base spec model This model is allowed for import
Z X-Version
Z spec but with optional HID headlights and optional traction control. Different front bumper and rear wing is standard. Features interior illumination system but without mood control. This model is allowed for import
Z Q-Version
X-Version spec but with 9 speaker sound system including subwoofer and with full mood control via centre arm rest control. Security system also standard. This model is allowed for import
Z Aero Package
Similar to Z X-Version spec but with slightly different body kit and wheels This model is allowed for import
Z Aero G Package
Similar to Z Q-Version spec but with slightly different body kit and wheels This model is allowed for import
1.3L versions of the above models
Not importable, only 1.5L models can be imported. These models are not allowed for import


The base spec model, with basic interior illumination (no control), traction control optional This model is allowed for import
CX Limited
CX spec but HID headlights and rear wing as standard, traction control optional. This model is allowed for import
CS, CL and CX 1.3L versions
Not importable, only 1.5L models can be imported. These models are not allowed for import